How it began..

After many, many years of practice, Claire’s deeper connection to yoga grew through meditation and pranayama techniques to help still and re-centre her mind. This was during a time where work pressures were high and life had her moving blind in a fast paced city with little connection to others. This desire for connection and passion for yoga in all it's guises led her to complete a 200hr yoga teacher training in Alignment Vinyasa with Stefan Camilleri in Lombok, Indonesia in 2018.

I am a forager of plants, good vibes, and filling my soul.

I am a happy hiker yogi.

I am a salt water seeker.

The transformational journey..

Since her first teacher training Claire started to teach studio and corporate classes, which ignited her passion even more to share yoga teachings in urban setting to help cleanse and calm others living in the same merry-go-round she had found herself on.

Claire continues her yoga training working with mentors from the Yoga People where she has already completed 50 hours Yin & Chakras and 100hr Rocket & Patterns training and 100hr Mandala and Shamanism.

Claire has 450hr yoga teaching training.

What I teach...

A firm believer in the power of the energy lying within ourselves, Claire is deeply inspired by Elemental and Yin Yoga philosophies.  As someone who cold water swims, hikes in the mountain air, and does alot of gardening Claire truly believes in and is inspired by our natural world and its connection to ourselves. Claire weaves this into elemental and chakra based classes aiming to build an atmosphere to activate this within. 

Claire’s mixes these techniques into a strong fluid vinyasa class against the backdrop of rhythm and beats while always maintaining strong integrity to alignment. This alignment is a focus on modern bodies as opposed to traditional alignment. This means Claire teaches in a functional way to make the pose fit the body instead of the other way around. This makes a more accessible and tailored class for each individual.

Classes fit the beginner to the advanced, anyone looking for some cleanse through movement and re-connection to their body and soul. 

Claire also teaches different styles, yin, restorative, slow flow and hot yoga, across public classes, privates and workshops. 

Claire is passionate about not only achieving soul cleansing and stillness on the mat but how we can bring this off the mat, encouraging  sustainable, relaxed living.

In the summer of 2019 Claire conducted a series of Yoga + Swim events in Dublin involving outdoor yoga and cold water swimming. 


Fully insured.