Library of recorded classes available to purchase per stream


A series of flow and yin classes focusing on different chakras. We will identify and move our prana, our energy through the body to clear space in these energy centres of the body.
Pay per stream - €8, via Paypal and access videos below


Root chakra

This class focuses on bringing grounding energy. Focus is on the root chakra, our base, our foundation. Lots of hamstring stretches and forward folds with some side body.  


Sacral chakra

All about the hips! This is a juicy class working into the groin and side body. Includes some visualisations to move fluidly around our mat. Channeling non resistance and letting go!


A series of Mandala and Yin classes through the elements, all classes 75mins. 
These classes are not recommended for absolute beginners but if you've been to only a few classes you'll be fine. Lots of options and modifications throughout. This is a FUN, playful series to challenge yourself and synchronise your breath into a moving meditation before bringing awareness inward with the yin.
Pay per stream - €10, via Paypal and access videos below



Let's get into those hamstrings! This dynamic class will for sure open the back of your body. Connect with your Earth as we balance through the other elements. Enjoy! 

For this video you will email request and get an email with the link to it.

About Me

I am a forager of plants, good vibes, and filling my soul.

I am a happy hiker yogi.

I am a salt water seeker.

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