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Arm balancing workshop for beginners

A workshop specially designed for newer yogis, itching to develop this aspect of their practice. Join us for 2 hours of a strong vinyasa flow building our energy, breathing and strength into the core areas vital for developing strength and balance, especially into our core, hip flexors and shoulders.

We will build up to a range of arm balancing crow variations and forearm balancing preparations. You will learn lots of tips and drills to help you to build strength and space in your own time, in your own practice.

A good beginners base in yoga is all thats required, and be ready to spend a good bit of time on your arms. 

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Peckham Levels - LEVELSIX Floor 6


United Kingdom



Saturday, 22 September 2018 from 11:00 to 13:00 

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I am a forager of plants, good vibes, and filling my soul.

I am a happy hiker yogi.

I am a salt water seeker.

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